06 January 2020

Soooo...like WOW!

I was cruzing through sites and looking for info on Mitch McConnell and how/did he/did he not serve in the Armed Forces - which would have been during Vietnam.  I came across several blogs - really cool ones - and was really impressed and wanted to respond; but I needed to sign in.  When I did - lo and behold - I discovered a blog I had actually forgotten I had!  I'd moved mostly over to Wordpress, and I have a couple of websites of my own, and so this blog went the way of most things that fade down into the library of the sub-conscious.

But thanks to a blog called, "Blue in the Bluegrass," I have rediscovered my own blog!  And how amazing that some of the posts are not so dissimilar in regard to what we are all talking about today - except the Crazy is now right out there in front of us and they don't give a crap.

So, keep an eye on this space!  I plan to use it, along with my Wordpress sites, and will be updating this one accordingly.

In the meantime, I send intentions for a New Year filled with standing up - together!



18 April 2016

Propaganda and Spin still continues...

Saint Reagan (and his 'advisors' - some of whom are still around and working their Dark Arts) knew how to spin a yarn, a tale...and tweak the meaning of words and phrases. To say it continues, and has been enhanced and refined to actually alter the meaning of words, would be a massive understatement. Newspeak; outright lies presented as truth; and cognitive dissonance as a necessary reality.  The Grifter Class/Corporatocracy has had many years of practice.

       War is Peace.
          Freedom is Slavery.
             Ignorance is Strength.

12 August 2012

Have you ever wondered what kind of education these guys really have?

So, this fellow is going after someone who appears to be quite credible in the area of Climate Change and the credible science surrounding it all.

Not credible is Mr. Cuccinelli's belief that by harassing scientists that, somehow, his magical fairy from some land far away will come with a wand and make Climate Change go away.

With a business and an engineering degree, I ponder the potential for Mr. Cuccinelli to even understand all the papers he is demanding; which leads to pondering on whom or what he really serves.


A Rising Star in the Right Sky - Cuccinelli

20 May 2012

How Monsanto and their GMO agenda dominate our colleges and universities | Occupy Monsanto

I am compelled to ask how much more will this murderous, monolith of a mega-multi-national corporation do to We the People of the planet before even everyday sleeping folks wake up and say, "Enough!"  To poison our planet and our children and grandchildren is of absolutely no concern to them.  They do not care and they are not afraid to say it, no matter the hype they put out; the myth they spin (The "Old, Bad" Monsanto v. The "New, Green" Monsanto - that would be Soylent Green); and they will tell you. "We can't afford to lose even one penny of profit."  Yep.

...and when it's Profit-at-any-Cost, our health, our ability to make our own decisions (like knowing what's in our foods by having them clearly and completely labeled, which this monolith fights with everything they have under their control - including Congressional sycophants and at least one member of the not-so-supreme court)...and even our very lives are at risk.

Stay hungry, my friends...because eating their frankenfoods is not something you want to do; and as to curing World Hunger...if you were able to do that, would you not be MAKING companies label their foods as containing GMs?  Would you not be flying banners, blitzing airwaves, with the news that Monsanto, the altruistic, planet-loving corporation had the cure that would save lives?  H-O-G-W-A-S-H...even as they 'greenwash.'

How Monsanto and their GMO agenda dominate our colleges and universities | Occupy Monsanto:

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