06 January 2020

Soooo...like WOW!

I was cruzing through sites and looking for info on Mitch McConnell and how/did he/did he not serve in the Armed Forces - which would have been during Vietnam.  I came across several blogs - really cool ones - and was really impressed and wanted to respond; but I needed to sign in.  When I did - lo and behold - I discovered a blog I had actually forgotten I had!  I'd moved mostly over to Wordpress, and I have a couple of websites of my own, and so this blog went the way of most things that fade down into the library of the sub-conscious.

But thanks to a blog called, "Blue in the Bluegrass," I have rediscovered my own blog!  And how amazing that some of the posts are not so dissimilar in regard to what we are all talking about today - except the Crazy is now right out there in front of us and they don't give a crap.

So, keep an eye on this space!  I plan to use it, along with my Wordpress sites, and will be updating this one accordingly.

In the meantime, I send intentions for a New Year filled with standing up - together!



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