05 November 2005

Some Thoughts on an Article from November - still applies though - Namaste.

So, I'm reading an article about politics in Virginia...and I wonder if any of us ever read World and American History (and when I say read, I mean research - not just the view with which we align - but also other views - this causes that stuff called Objectivity...Perspective...Awareness.)

So, I'm reading an article about politics in Virginia...and I wonder...hmmm...any of my neighbors ready to get out there and pick crops? Nope. Can't think of one, y'all (I live in the South, I'm allowed to say, y'all.)

So, I'm wondering...let's see

a/We want others to do the work that is
1/beneath our skill level
2/necessary but dirty
3/backbreaking, often causing major physical challenges
4/simply what we don't want to do ourselves.

b/And whilst these others are doing the above work, we want others
1/to stay out of our neighborhoods
2/to make minimum wage or below ('below' is preferable to business & many citizens (note I did not say Consumers) do not feel that honest work for an honest, livable wage, is something this 'type' of work calls for, and believe (really?) that these 'others' should simply accept it as their lot in life.
3/not to receive even the most basic health care or the most basic decent housing - they're not entitled, are they?

Someone I know once said, Insomuch as you do it to the least of these, you do it to me....wow.

Know what else this fellow said? He spoke all about looking at your neighbor - and when you look into the eyes of your neighbor, to see your Self there. It's that oneness thing, you know? We are One. What do you see? Or do you look?...