01 January 2010

NOAM CHOMSKY: "Gaza: One Year Later"

Amy Goodman - the closest thing to a hero I know, if I had heroes - talks for one minute about supporting DemocracyNow! - a grand idea if you're able, and you want to see independent media continue to buck the existing managed, manipulated, manufactured stuff that passes for news in our 2010/1984ish world.

Then, Chomsky speaks. This is a worthwhile listen (it's 46 minutes long) and I share it with the intent of a reasoned discussion. As always, my guidelines are: 1/ If you have to swear to make your point, then you have already lost the argument; 2/ If you plan on being hateful, or love hurling vitriolic epithets about, then consider going to another blog. There are plenty out there where you can do that and I wish you blessings; 3/ My blog(s) is about awareness and co-creating the reality that We are all One - and practicing. Look around: even in our own families, sometimes practicing the reality of Oneness can take lots of practice.

But, to allow ourselves to be mired in unawareness and listen like sheep to those who spew Hate, Fear, and PermaWar for the sake of Power Over, or Profit Over - is not only Insanity, but goes against Who We really are as a human species.

Peace. This is the Year to begin being it.

NOAM CHOMSKY: "Gaza: One Year Later"