12 August 2012

Have you ever wondered what kind of education these guys really have?

So, this fellow is going after someone who appears to be quite credible in the area of Climate Change and the credible science surrounding it all.

Not credible is Mr. Cuccinelli's belief that by harassing scientists that, somehow, his magical fairy from some land far away will come with a wand and make Climate Change go away.

With a business and an engineering degree, I ponder the potential for Mr. Cuccinelli to even understand all the papers he is demanding; which leads to pondering on whom or what he really serves.


A Rising Star in the Right Sky - Cuccinelli

20 May 2012

How Monsanto and their GMO agenda dominate our colleges and universities | Occupy Monsanto

I am compelled to ask how much more will this murderous, monolith of a mega-multi-national corporation do to We the People of the planet before even everyday sleeping folks wake up and say, "Enough!"  To poison our planet and our children and grandchildren is of absolutely no concern to them.  They do not care and they are not afraid to say it, no matter the hype they put out; the myth they spin (The "Old, Bad" Monsanto v. The "New, Green" Monsanto - that would be Soylent Green); and they will tell you. "We can't afford to lose even one penny of profit."  Yep.

...and when it's Profit-at-any-Cost, our health, our ability to make our own decisions (like knowing what's in our foods by having them clearly and completely labeled, which this monolith fights with everything they have under their control - including Congressional sycophants and at least one member of the not-so-supreme court)...and even our very lives are at risk.

Stay hungry, my friends...because eating their frankenfoods is not something you want to do; and as to curing World Hunger...if you were able to do that, would you not be MAKING companies label their foods as containing GMs?  Would you not be flying banners, blitzing airwaves, with the news that Monsanto, the altruistic, planet-loving corporation had the cure that would save lives?  H-O-G-W-A-S-H...even as they 'greenwash.'

How Monsanto and their GMO agenda dominate our colleges and universities | Occupy Monsanto:

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29 January 2012

Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig | Greenpeace International

The 'newer, greener (that would be Soylent Green) Monsanto is patenting our food supply; and now patenting animals. When they have control of our food, water is next. Who is this murderous, profit-at-any-cost entity (not people, no matter what the not-so-supreme court says). Still not sure? Ask the residents of Anniston, Alabama about the "old, bad" Monsanto who poisoned their water and caused disease and death. But hey - We the People don't matter a whit. What matters is that they control our means of survival.

Is this what Freedom looks like? Oh, and by the way... if Monsanto is so altruistic and green, why do they need hired guns (Xe aka Blackwater) to protect their transgenic crops? Ask the everyday people in Paraguay, India, and many other countries where they've destroyed the lives of farmers who farmed for centuries in their own way. But that isn't something Monsanto gives a crap about.

And whilst we're at it, how about adding Dow to the above murderous partnership. They have just requested that the components of Agent Orange be okayed to add to BT Corn. Seems that it isn't enough to fill the DNA of the seeds with bacteria and Roundup pesticides. Apparently, in addition to killing bees, butterflies; creating superstrains of weeds, that the effectiveness of the DNA invasion into our food isn't working as well anymore.

So they'll fill it with the very things that killed my buddies and many others' children and parents in Vietnam...yes. And the people tasked with looking after our food supply are: you guessed it: Monsanto and biotech ex-employees, attorneys - well-paid for poisoning us.

Get up.
Stand up.
It's our lives.

Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig | Greenpeace International:

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