02 May 2006

Funny Thing About Immigrants...

Seems We are all Them...Immigrants, that is...

Oh, you can say you are an A-1, All-American Whatever. But the fact is, your parents/granparents/great -grandparents/great-great grandparents came from somewhere other than here.

I always say to my sweet English hubby, well, you know, you and the Dutch and the French and a few others actually aced out the only native folks - the Native Americans. You gave them smallpox-infected blankets, and many other creepy things - but you did it - face it.

And when the next group of immigrants came...Irish...Italians..you name it...they were all mistreated...called names...looked upon as less (we seem...as humans, to be prone to that)...and of course, the races that were darker colors, well they were simply lumped together as darker colors - so they banded together, yes? They became Blacks, Negroes, and whatever else the lighter skinned races chose to label them.

Did our ancestors look into their eyes? I doubt it.

And now, we have the immigration issue, primarily geared toward Mexicans. What's the story, eh? We just built a house not long ago. The folks who did the best job were those who built the foundation - Mexicans. The builder - a tried and true American fella with the nicest looking, middle-class, I am a great guy look - took us to the cleaners.

These are ALL stereotypes. Do the research, my friends. Let's give Amnesty to all the folks here now and start over. Make a fair and equitable law. No one is hurting us. Is someone taking a job that you really crave? Somehow I doubt it. Let's get real. See that It is What it is.

Are you letting someone talk you into a Fear-based reaction? C'mon. Don't be fooled.

We are ALL ONE. When whoever in your family came here, they were discriminated against. Are you continuing the trend? This is the 21st century, and Jesus, the radical Christ, said:

Love One Another.

Namaste. Let's get with the program.