21 March 2009

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

a look into the death of the former senator. I was just research on Muscular Dystrophy and came across all the good that Senator Wellstone had done in his lifetime - both for the country and for the everyday folks - like the little guys with MD. I was struck by this article - especially in light of Dennis Kucinich's call for an investigation into the assassination ring alleged as part of the previous administration's tactics. I'm just putting this up for people to read. I still have to do more research. How about you do some and let me know? Or for those of you who have already done some on this topic, share some info.Peace. We are the researchers for the Truth and a New Day...a new Way.

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'Blame Dodd' Attacks Ignore Facts (Factcheck.org)

Some Republicans have been quick to blame Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut for allowing big bonus payments to AIG executives. They get the facts backward.

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