21 March 2010

Documenting Teabagger Racism :: racismreview.com

If you don’t have speakers, don’t worry – you can still watch the video. The audio is just background music only on this one, playing over sign after sign of racism, Islamaphobia, and the occasional sexism. As I’ve written here before, I don’t believe that all opposition to Obama is fueld by racism (I have my own disagreements with his policies), but this “movement” certainly is. The other point to keep in mind about the “Teabag Party” is that it is largely an astroturf – fake grassroots – movement originated by powerful, right-wing lobbyists such as Dick Armey. This cynical strategy of the “Teabag Party” is one that trades on the racism and fear of people in order to advance a republican agenda.

Documenting Teabagger Racism :: racismreview.com

Irish-Americans, Racism, and the Pursuit of Whiteness

Anyone and any group can be demonized, demeaned, made less-than-human in order to control and/conquer. The history of the British Power Over, with the Irish, is replete with cartoon characterizations that demeaned them and made them less - it was then easier to "sell" the Lie.

Sure, may we never forget when we are done unto, that we not turn around and do that very thing to others.

Peace. Stand up - together.

Irish-Americans, Racism, and the Pursuit of Whiteness :: racismreview.com