07 October 2007

My post to Dick Polman's Blog that I found on

www.southphillyreview.com - and it has some great pics on it also by a guy by the name of John Taggart. Anyway, I'm sure some of you know how when you're reading stuff on the net, you check out one link...then wind up at another...and there's another one that looks interesting...and so it goes. So below is my post to Mr. Polman's blogspot blog. Things that make you go hmmm....Peace & Awareness & do your own research.


From a South Philly expat living in rural Georgia and having lived in California as well as Europe (I prefer s-aging to aging, thank you), I should like to ask just a few questions...

1. Has anyone ever considered that with the abortion debate (by whatever name one cares to choose or argue about) having gone on...and on...for how many years now - and the death penalty debate (which has not too long ago been displaced by the Gay Marriage debate)...that it all - however important one sees it as - just may be a Smoke Screen for lots of other things that our government fellows have been doing? Things that make you go hmmm....

2. Does anyone ever question the background or credibility of folks like James Dobson (with all due respect, doing one's own research...looking under the surface, as it were...seems to have become a lost art - rather we believe what we are told - of course, only by those who hold similar views that we hold - or have been convinced to hold)?

3. Whilst we are arguing with one another, our infrastructure is decaying rapidly and much else. But we continue on, stalwartly, like good soldiers, to argue about the same things, year after year, with our heads in the sand about other things, and never doing our own research across the board (and under the headlines). Apologies to those who do, indeed, do the research - including even, dare I say, the press from other places.

4. And finally, we continue to debate the issues above, and once our children are born, we have a President who has just vetoed a bill that would provide some health care for low-income and lower middle income children. Isn't it humane and within the tenets of all manner of religious beliefs to realize that it's okay to include a few middle class children in the plan, whose parents struggle with the high costs of health care?

And by the way, the statement from the president about it taxes Americans...It ONLY taxes the Americans who smoke! So what - my hubby smokes and will regardless of the tax on the packs.Do the research folks. Believe the hype, go along with the heard...you may as well just sit down and give up the rest of your rights (remember some that our founding fathers fought so hard for are now gone or so riddle with holes that they look like swiss cheese.)God bless/help America.

A South Philly Gal

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