14 April 2005

Politicians and our Role as CITIZENS (we are not simply CONSUMERS)

Let me say at the outset, there have been so dynamite folks that have served - and do serve - the political arena. And, oh man, are there some smarmy ones! (Isn't "smarmy" a great word? We'd be well served do bring back into use those kinds of impactful words, don't you think?)

In any event, for me, it's a shame that so many folks that work hard to serve us ("Us" is the American Everyday People - like me and like you, yes?) are tarred with the same brush that paints the likes of the few Senators and congressfolks that are in it for the power/money grab, and, it apparently gives them quite a rush when they're able to ensure that we take it in the shorts while they and their few buddies accumulate more & more.

But, at the end of the day, singers like Keb Mo' ("Victims of Comfort"), Steve Earle ("Amerika v.6.0 - The Best That We Can Do"), and others of our favorite bards, understand that We are our own worst enemy. It's we who need to do the research - not just watch TV (whether it's Fox or CNN, no matter); know who your congressman and senators are (do you?); and don't just look at/read those things with which you agree. Do research across the spectrum, so you get what is REALLY a balanced view.

Then, come have a conversation. Try out your views that you've come to through that research. Interact with all manner of citizens (we are, indeed, CITIZENS - not CONSUMERS).

Let's make our Selves aware - knowledgeable - informed - balanced - and gentle with one another. We can agree to disagree without annihilating each other. The need to be Right is killing us - and our children.

Blessings & Belly Laughs.

Let's Get Started - Welcome - Bienvenidos


Welcome to Blues Vues - a blog section of Bluesgypsy.net - a site of mine own...
with my own opinions and beliefs...
always researching...
learning what works, given Who I say I am and what I say I'd like to see in this world,
and what doesn't... and creating my Self anew in each and every Moment of Now.

Because, as I age in this relative existence, I've learned that if you don't stand up for something, you may as well sit your sweet butt down and do as you're told - by whomever...and there are Whomevers aplenty ready & willing to tell you.

I believe that if we can talk to one another - even or especially in this virtual environment - then we can resolve our differences, take our current belief systems higher - and build Peace and Sustainability as our world model.

I am not politically correct, nor am I anywhere near perfect. So if anyone is about that, then this probably won't be the site for you. This will be a place for everyday folks to come and share their ideas, in an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another's beliefs.

Read...think...feel...Be Who You Really are.

And remember: A Sense of Humor is critical...Peace.