31 August 2008

Comments on Obama's Speech from Pat Buchanan

Beauty and the Geezer

Okay, so can anyone tell me what Senator McCain was really thinking?

He's 72.
She has NO experience in much of anything.

The chances of him headin' Home (if you get my drift) are much greater than anyone that's run since Reagan.
Do I REALLY want this gal running the strongest, most powerful, singular superpower in the planet???


I could have understood ANY of the picks he might have made - including Mike Huckabee (whom I really liked).

But, nope.
Can't do.
Won't take the chance. I don't care what she's anti....I'm anti-amateur. Obama has tons more experience by comparison.
And he has no ethics cloud over him.
And Joe Biden has complimentary experience and skills.

What skills does this gal have?
Oh, let's see...mayor of a tiny town in the outback of Alaska?
and just now governor of the state?
NO even awareness of foreign policy?
Her credentials include Beauty Queen?

God help us.
I'd have rather had Michael Palin.

16 August 2008

McCain Clashes With Vietnam Vet

Just how much truth there is to John McCain's REAL voting records and his standing with vets organizations does not get addressed by McCain here. Why are we not used the same scrutiny with McCain that we are with Obama??!!