05 November 2005

Some Thoughts on an Article from November - still applies though - Namaste.

So, I'm reading an article about politics in Virginia...and I wonder if any of us ever read World and American History (and when I say read, I mean research - not just the view with which we align - but also other views - this causes that stuff called Objectivity...Perspective...Awareness.)

So, I'm reading an article about politics in Virginia...and I wonder...hmmm...any of my neighbors ready to get out there and pick crops? Nope. Can't think of one, y'all (I live in the South, I'm allowed to say, y'all.)

So, I'm wondering...let's see

a/We want others to do the work that is
1/beneath our skill level
2/necessary but dirty
3/backbreaking, often causing major physical challenges
4/simply what we don't want to do ourselves.

b/And whilst these others are doing the above work, we want others
1/to stay out of our neighborhoods
2/to make minimum wage or below ('below' is preferable to business & many citizens (note I did not say Consumers) do not feel that honest work for an honest, livable wage, is something this 'type' of work calls for, and believe (really?) that these 'others' should simply accept it as their lot in life.
3/not to receive even the most basic health care or the most basic decent housing - they're not entitled, are they?

Someone I know once said, Insomuch as you do it to the least of these, you do it to me....wow.

Know what else this fellow said? He spoke all about looking at your neighbor - and when you look into the eyes of your neighbor, to see your Self there. It's that oneness thing, you know? We are One. What do you see? Or do you look?...

14 July 2005

The Struggle for Islam's Soul - (& soul searching for All Religions)

I came across this article in a New Statesman newsletter that I subscribe to and almost never get to read. The headline caught my eye (the parentheses comment is mine.)

I'd be interested in your reasoned thoughts on it.


14 April 2005

Politicians and our Role as CITIZENS (we are not simply CONSUMERS)

Let me say at the outset, there have been so dynamite folks that have served - and do serve - the political arena. And, oh man, are there some smarmy ones! (Isn't "smarmy" a great word? We'd be well served do bring back into use those kinds of impactful words, don't you think?)

In any event, for me, it's a shame that so many folks that work hard to serve us ("Us" is the American Everyday People - like me and like you, yes?) are tarred with the same brush that paints the likes of the few Senators and congressfolks that are in it for the power/money grab, and, it apparently gives them quite a rush when they're able to ensure that we take it in the shorts while they and their few buddies accumulate more & more.

But, at the end of the day, singers like Keb Mo' ("Victims of Comfort"), Steve Earle ("Amerika v.6.0 - The Best That We Can Do"), and others of our favorite bards, understand that We are our own worst enemy. It's we who need to do the research - not just watch TV (whether it's Fox or CNN, no matter); know who your congressman and senators are (do you?); and don't just look at/read those things with which you agree. Do research across the spectrum, so you get what is REALLY a balanced view.

Then, come have a conversation. Try out your views that you've come to through that research. Interact with all manner of citizens (we are, indeed, CITIZENS - not CONSUMERS).

Let's make our Selves aware - knowledgeable - informed - balanced - and gentle with one another. We can agree to disagree without annihilating each other. The need to be Right is killing us - and our children.

Blessings & Belly Laughs.

Let's Get Started - Welcome - Bienvenidos


Welcome to Blues Vues - a blog section of Bluesgypsy.net - a site of mine own...
with my own opinions and beliefs...
always researching...
learning what works, given Who I say I am and what I say I'd like to see in this world,
and what doesn't... and creating my Self anew in each and every Moment of Now.

Because, as I age in this relative existence, I've learned that if you don't stand up for something, you may as well sit your sweet butt down and do as you're told - by whomever...and there are Whomevers aplenty ready & willing to tell you.

I believe that if we can talk to one another - even or especially in this virtual environment - then we can resolve our differences, take our current belief systems higher - and build Peace and Sustainability as our world model.

I am not politically correct, nor am I anywhere near perfect. So if anyone is about that, then this probably won't be the site for you. This will be a place for everyday folks to come and share their ideas, in an atmosphere of mutual respect for one another's beliefs.

Read...think...feel...Be Who You Really are.

And remember: A Sense of Humor is critical...Peace.