19 November 2010

Burger King meal comes with a whopper of an insult – Eatocracy - CNN.com Blogs

So let's see...
First of all, Fast Food is crappy.
Aside from the fat, salt, calories, etc., there is the meat and poultry itself, Big-Agri'ed until it no longer
resembles anything remotely resembling real food; and the smell and taste come from chemical
plants up in New Jersey.

Add to that, the off-the-wall employee, hating his job, and it makes you wonder what's
really in the food as a sauce.

All fast food sucks. Cook at home. Buy organic or at least non-gm; and try to source
your food.

If you're not sure, watch Food, Inc. ... or Super-Size Me... it's all over the shop. Do your own research.

The BigAgri corporations grow their poison foodstuffs, filled with bovine growth hormones (ah, Monsanto, the
murderous monolith of Profit-at-any-cost and Power over our very food supply.)
Then it's sent to BigFast Food places and into the 'mainstream.'
Then Big Sickness Maintenance businesses keep you just well enough to keep believing that it
must be you, rather than what you take into your body.
And finally, BigPharma gives you all the pills you need to make you not have to worry about
what it's doing to your body and your mind - except for the side effects, including Death.

BigPharma is the biggest Drug Pusher on the Planet. They give street pushers a bad name.

Know what you're eating. It's what you will become.

Burger King meal comes with a whopper of an insult – Eatocracy - CNN.com Blogs

18 November 2010

Sharron Angle: 'Sometimes Dictators Have Good Ideas'

Can you really believe that this...this...(I cannot find the word to describe this knuckle-dragging....) believes that Pinochet was anything other that a murderer of thousands and thousands of everyday people...tortured and killed.

Add to that, the assassination of a democratically elected president (another one), Salvador Allende, with the help and approval of the C.I.A. So, what the flip is this deranged woman talking about...does she ever know what she's talking about?

Sharron Angle: 'Sometimes Dictators Have Good Ideas'

12 November 2010

Co-Chairs proposal for Medicare, (not)Social Survival Security and more.

PLEASE, please take the time to read the proposal, so you know what's in it - rather than listen to anyone else.

Many thanks and Blessings.

Stay aware.
Then get up.
We are all One.
Todos somos Uno.

06 November 2010

New York Times Columnist Peter Orszag Joins the Social Security Fearmongering Crowd | | AlterNet

This is a columnist who is either a fool or a whore for the 666 Greed Group.

Peter Orszag might be well served to speak with the Wisdom Elders - and those
about to become that (as well as those who by virtue of being disabled, etc. are
also on SURVIVAL Security). Let all of us tell you what's REALLY goin' on
about SURVIVAL Security, son.

'Cause there ain't NOTHIN' - can you hear what I saying in a clear, understandable
way? There is NOTHING "SOCIAL" about SURVIVAL Security.

Fool! Do you see any Wisdom Elders out there just partyin' hearty?!

Here's one more thing that you - and all the folks who float phony information, disinformation, misinformation; manipulated videos; front people and groups who espouse the Lie of Survival Security being
in its death throes:

Even though every administration has ILLEGALLY (and TWEAKED any and all barely legal ways) pillaged, raped and robbed the TRUST FUND to fund their covert activities, screw-ups and pursue their wet dreams of Glory, there is one GLARING fact that you all keep trying to hide.

SURVIVAL (the program formerly known as 'social') SECURITY HAS WORKED FROM THE VERY BEGINNING AND STILL - STILL - hello, now take your pill and pay attention... STILL WORKS. (and you've been trying to kill it since the very first day it began (as Rick "the Grinch Lizard" Santorum said - it won't hurt seniors to suffer a little...)

This is a good read. And: WATCH THE WORDS-SPIN ON ANY STORY about "SOCIAL" Security. The Spin is in and the Rhetoric flows like vomit out of the mouths of those old 'Romans' who kept troughs around so they could be GREEDY and SMARMY and live as We the ONLY People - and when they sucked it all in...shoving it in their distended mouths - they vomit it out so they can go get more.

Read the words of We the People: WE ARE WATCHING. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. NO RETREAT AND NO SURRENDER. We know it not only works, but can be enhanced to include wonderful and co-creative ways of including all of We the People.

Go after Survival Security, bless your hearts - and know that we're going to talk, boys and girls.


Get up. Stand up. Together.
We are all One. Todos Somos Uno.
Now put that old Rock n Roll on and let's dance. (thanks, Bob Seeger :-)

New York Times Columnist Peter Orszag Joins the Social Security Fearmongering Crowd AlterNet