18 October 2007

Ron Paul...take a look


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Bill Maher on Health

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A quick evening post on 18 October 07

You know, Staph infections - MRSA - somethin akin to what my Dad had when they were doing his knee replacement - is running rampant through the schools here in the east (don't know yet about the rest.) Make sure your kids and you wash your hands lots and throughly. Use that stuff that you leave on as well. One of the kids has staph at our school. Up in Virginia it's really bad. I watched the news last night on pbs and a couple of others, and online, and they are saying that it could kill, proportionately, as many as aids did last year.
The drought continues to worsen here in the southeast. Now it's spreading up to the mid-atlantic, I'm reading. Let's conserve the best we can, yes?
Watched Frontline last night. My hubby was bowled over by the stuff they were saying. No news to me (the little ol' researcher hardcore type). Dick Cheney - from his Pennsylvania days - has been just waiting to slice up the constitution and the bill of rights for an imperial presidency and control of...what? Permawar? The remaining oil reserves? Don't be fooled - oil is, indeed, finite, and they WILL fight over it, rather than re-co-create our society in a sustainable way.

But the old order is dying...interdependency, and what Jesus said in the red print (like We are One with God, one with each othere...or if you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you could do greater things than he did...things that make you go hmmm.....Jesus the radical said, "Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS." Hardest job with the fewest earthly benefits. But the spiritual and eternal benefits? Better think it over folks. And for you Rapture folks...best check the red print...you could just be left behind because you weren't peaceMAKERS and you DIDN'T caretake the earth....hmmmmm....

Peace, Fun & Standing up as ONE