19 April 2011

Rick Santorum on his campaign slogan

Rick Santorum is a bottom-feeder amongst the lackies of the 6-6-6 Greed Group.
Listen and watch as he responds to a question asked about his "new slogan" coming
from a poem of Langston Hughes, who was gay.

This is the same poophead who believes that "it won't hurt Senior Citizens to suffer" - and that
he can't understand why when "Social" Security is discussed, the current recipients are not also
on the chopping block.

Yep. This one is not only stoooooopid, he's dangerous, and he does not care.

The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand

And this is the woman over whom many Republicans have an orgasm? Wow.
She is anti-religion and anti-Altruism and Love (Jesus and she would have
had some disagreements, I believe - but she'd have seen him as 'weak.')

She reminds me a bit of Joan Crawford in her role in "What Ever Happened to
Baby Jane." If this is their guru, no wonder so many are socipathic sounding.