21 March 2009

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

a look into the death of the former senator. I was just research on Muscular Dystrophy and came across all the good that Senator Wellstone had done in his lifetime - both for the country and for the everyday folks - like the little guys with MD. I was struck by this article - especially in light of Dennis Kucinich's call for an investigation into the assassination ring alleged as part of the previous administration's tactics. I'm just putting this up for people to read. I still have to do more research. How about you do some and let me know? Or for those of you who have already done some on this topic, share some info.Peace. We are the researchers for the Truth and a New Day...a new Way.

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'Blame Dodd' Attacks Ignore Facts (Factcheck.org)

Some Republicans have been quick to blame Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut for allowing big bonus payments to AIG executives. They get the facts backward.

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16 March 2009

Notes from Thomas Jefferson..points to ponder from the radical founders of our country

Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people.

— Thomas Jefferson, “Letter to Isaac H. Tiffany” [1816]

12 March 2009

Deepak Chopra: Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality

When Michael Steele, the hapless chairman of the Republican Party, lost his bearings and called Rush Limbaugh's style ugly and incendiary, everyone knew it was the truth. But it was a perfect example of an inconvenient truth.

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Hannity suggests Christianity compatible with torture

Sean Hannity's religion doesn't get in the way of his support for torture. "You know what, I don't have any problem taking his head sticking it underwater and scaring the living daylights out of him and making him think we're drowning him," declared Hannity, "and I'm a Christian."

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Media Takes Aim at Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Diane Sawyer, Ashley Judd, perhaps even the mighty Oprah in a media frenzy over destructive mountaintop removal coal mining.

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Republicans Come Out Against Truth Commission

Yet another Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee has come out against the idea of creating an independent commission to investigate the Bush administration.

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Frank Schaeffer: Open Letter to the Republican Traitors

Frank Schaeffer talks about his views on the current Republican Party.

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11 March 2009

Rush A Coward; CNN Challenged Him To Debate Last Month

Limbaugh already has a standing challenge from CNN's banisher of "bias" and "bull" Campbell Brown, to appear on the air and debate their chief business correspondent, Ali Velshi, who Limbaugh had previously maligned.

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John Yoo is sorry for nothing

Sneering with contempt, the unrepentant Bush attorney has challenged "Obama's antiwar base" to read his infamous memos closely. So I did.

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05 March 2009

Dying Conservative Intellect

I was of course, presumptuous in declaring the "Death of Conservatism", but to watch a movement fall apart intellectually and emotionally is like been an observer of a car crash. There is nothing you can do to stop it. All...

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The GOP and the Growing Right-Wing Terror Threat

As the beaten and battered conservative faithful gather at the CPAC event in Washington, casual incitements to violence against the President, Democratic leaders and liberal Americans once again are filling the air.

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