01 May 2006

Sunday, 30 April 2006

Just got back from Kyoto a little while ago...wow.

The folks were so polite...so cool...so special. I was there for a spiritual conference - which was fantastic - and the amenities & kindnesses the traditional Japanese hotel extended (I'll post the name when I have the card in front of me) were above and beyond anything you'd get at most hotels for the price.


heated toilet seats - don't laugh! If you live in any climate that isn't hot all the time, this is an idea that we should take on!

Free Foot baths - oh Man!!! My little Barney Rubble feet never felt so good! Every single day, my feet found their way to this item...in a courtyard where Cherry Blossoms were about to bloom, then blooming...landscaping so well done...can't tell you how great it was!

The Baths - they were separated by gender in this hotel, and gosh, lots of folks on our team spent twice/day in them! So peaceful...so hot...so well done.

It was a great experience, and just wanted to pass it on. From beginning to end, it was a lovely experience. Namaste.