26 October 2007

Awakening ONEness

October 26
Awakening ONEness
Have you ever thought about it?

Yes…We know ONEness is there…all over…it is a synonym for God/Life/Universe/The Force.

And we speak of it.

And we say We are All One…Somos Uno…
What do we mean?

How do we speak to the spirit whose awareness of ONEness lies blanketed

Under the cover of



Extreme Religious Right/Wrong Belief

and all the illusions that bring us those conditions…?

For me, it is firstly, looking inside my Self.

Do I know ONEness?

I practice…


Awakening ONEness in me.

For ONEness sleeps contentedly.

It knows who it is.

And it rises when we reach out to another of us…

It stretches…shedding Slumber from it Self…

And smiles.


Another Spirit becomes a Seeker…

‘And I grow in Strength with each one awakening Me.’

And now they will practice awakening Another of Us…of the ONE.


And so, I stop here with these thoughts dancing through me…

Around Me…

In Me…

As I gently shake my Self into ONEness awakening…

So I am able to assist another of Me in gently awakening ONEness

To Strength

To Passion increased…

Let’s Dance…A ONEness Song.

Peace. Do the Research.

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