02 November 2007


You know, Governor Rendell has a really good point: "GOTTCHA" politcs sucks. For me, to watch grown men never talk about what their platforms are...explain to me WHAT they are going to do about a war that a general just said yesterday could last 50 YEARS!...tell me WHY we can't pass a health care bill for the children that will ONLY cost the TOBACCO SMOKERS money and NOT tax all Americans!?...WHY can't we have single payer healthcare - it'd be cheaper for EVERYONE except the Health/Keep Us Sick Industry and Big Pharma...and WHY do Newspeople (and I use the termly loosely, because there are no real newspeople any more - oh, maybe Keith Obermann, until they find a way to take him off the air) just waste time with ridiculous cah-cah they could control and don't in these debates...or worse yet, use NEWScasts (note the use of the term NEWS) to talk about Paris Hilton, Dog the Bounty Hunter, movie stars, Anna Nicole Smith (they almost brought her back to life they spent so many hours talking about her)...could it be THEY ARE AFRAID!!! SCARED? WUSSES?

So why don't these men (in both Republican and Democrat debates) attend to their own issues - and our real ones - and simply attack each other and especially Hillary?

The only explanation I can come up with is that they don't have anything of any value to tell us.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

Peace. Do the research.