01 March 2011

Cost of War - no money for education, helping living little ones, not allowing

( http://costofwar.com/en/  -  use the drop down box, also, to see how much it's costing your state, your county, perhaps even your town/city.)

our wisdom elders to live the last session of their life experience with some independence and 100% dignity; and so much more.  The only reason our (We the People) resources are 'scarce' is that they are being used up - our loved ones, as well, being used up as one of those 'resources' - expendables - sacrifices on the Altar of Greed.

We are spun, lied to, mis and dis informationed, as pablum is served up on the TV from Talking Heads and Reality Shows hosts/players; looking just like little bobbin'-headed dolls in the back of the car, looking out the window at the masses who hang on their every word and smilin' - because the only difference between them and the expendables is that they know they're being spun. It's like double-think. You carry a set of contradictory beliefs at the same time, in order to maintain your rung on the ladder

Of what?

Watched a bio on Johnny Cash tonight.  Oh man, Kris Kristofferson is aging in a way that still makes me go, 'Oooh yes...'  And then Willie...and Waylon.  Steve Earle, a new favorite... and sure, Merle Haggard.  Say it like it is, bros.


a/ they know they're in a human experience.  That means, by default, not perfect - by any stretch of the imagination.  No one is. Fact.  Anyone says different, they're hidin' something.  These guys lived it.  I'd rather be like and around these kinds of guys than anyone who goes around judging other humans, as if he were something gifted by his god to bring benefit to the rest of us.

b/ they have/had fun - they enjoyed Life. (nothing else to say to that.)

c/ they stood up.  Watch the bio if you don't know what any of them stand/stood for. Snoop Dog is a fan of Cash's, and he's cool too...you gotta realize no one's perfect.

All of the above men (and there are plenty of women and other men who are this - everyday people being/doing extraordinary things) understood what the Spirit of being fully Human is.

It is the realization, awareness, and action emanating from We are All One - one with the God/Force of our understanding, and

OTHER. (special for severe Christians, bless your hearts: Jesus said.)

Yep. Outlaws; they didn't have much time for the State, but they love/d their country. They spoke their mind.  Let each of us speak ours - even when our voice shakes.

And bring back the old songs and create new ones in a new way. Bring food. Let's dance.
C'mon Sing. The Universe hears you in key, man.
Food and Conversation.
Don't even have to talk to each other. Until you want to say how good the food is

Point of conversation.

There's a way.
If there's not, then get to co-creating one.
We are being used to keep growing an unsustainable worldwide war and arms economy
We are Consumers and the health and survival of this brave, red/white and blue nation
Depends on us SPENDING.
Get outta Dodge with that padoodah poop.

So for whom are We the People, We the Consumer, We the Expendables
(because remember, know any great jobs much left here, except lower-level and whatever jobs it takes to maintain the entities comprising the 6-6-6 Greed Group?)
SPENDING?  If 'Consumer Spending' is necessary to keep our system going, then

a/ it's stupid and a lie a psych a spin a patriotic myth; and
b/ we are in deep doo doo.
C/ But the 6-6-6 Greed Group Antichrists will benefit and laugh at the Expendable, Interchangeable, One-Size-Fits-All, patriotic-spun-son, as they continue to make and market arms to sell to the world  (can you say Qhadaffi?), then work themselves like the guy on TV with the shakin' weigh as they watch others play their Warrior Game die from it - or worse.

It's  time to co-create Peace.
Definitely not for Wusses.
Blessed are the PeaceMAKERS for THEY shall be called the Children of God/Force/Life.
Let's rock.

That's it - from the For What it's Worth department. Don't have to agree, although you can. Don't even have to understand it, and you can dismiss it. Unless you don't :-)

Peace-Paz-Mir. Stand up. Grab a hand. And let's rock.