13 August 2009

Bark Bark Woof Woof: An Informed Public

Bark Bark Woof Woof: An Informed Public

Just discovered this blogger and it's a video with brief text. He has a valid point: taking the U.S. back to where the founding fathers were means that the gentlelady speaking would not be allowed to speak. She would certainly not be taking part in a debate. Black folks would still be slaves, many native Americans would still have their land...etc., etc., you get the picture.

And from whom are we taking our country back, pray tell? If everyone is so incensed, then where were they the last eight years, because President Obama has only been in office for a couple days over 200 - can he possibly be responsible for everything???

Or...is this about more than Health Care? Could it be about the fact that President Obama has a black father and a white mother (one with more amino acid in his skin that the other? Hmmmm... Could this explain the rise in Hate groups? Swastikas on a black congressman's office sign? Hate letters calling him nigga, with our President in a hate-filled caricature?

And why aren't the Republicans decrying this? The talking heads bobbing right? Nope. The Right has Sarah Palin using her special needs child as a foil for her remark (read: Lie) about the president having "Death Panels" to pull the plug on people.

No one does the research. It's all there to read. The fact is that it is still being written. I watch TV and just can see how the Germans (bless them, they've been living with the terrible days of WWII and Hitler so long - and we won't let them forget, even though many weren't even born then - but the horror should never be forgotten.)

What else should never be forgotten is this: that if you believe the hype; the mis and half truths, spun to suit an agenda, then you have the potential to be sheep - just as those folks who were hurting were so easily led by Hitler into blaming other people for their problems.

If you only get up off the couch to scream at others, then sit down again. It's were you're most comfortable. Turn on the boob tube and listen to those screamers and spinners. Don't do any other research. It's easier to believe the hate and vitriol.

Going back to the founding fathers. Everyone except white, monied, propertied men can stay seated and do as they're told.

Peace. We are the co-creators of everything we do - by inaction or action; unawareness or knowledge; arrogance of ignorance.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities...Voltaire.

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